The single most important thing we all can do to eliminate PERIOD POVERTY and create a society that values MENSTRUAL EQUITY is to talk about periods!

GHGP’s workshops offer a safe, relaxed atmosphere for participants to learn and share, which helps to destigmatize and normalize periods and builds confidence in those who take part.

GHGP workshops



Our core workshop is called IYKYK because… If You Know, You Know. This is where we talk about basic period management and how it affects overall health and well-being. Health class may explain why it happens. We show students what to do so they are empowered to care for themselves.


Our focus is on normalizing periods and creating a shared experience so participants understand there is so much support all around them. Students of any gender are invited to participate in our classes, which use Trivia, Hands-On Demos, and Conversation starters to make periods something to celebrate rather than something to fear or dread.

Every student builds an emergency kit and learns how to track a period. Reach out if you’d like to discuss a workshop for your class or group.*

*Workshops are done in-person in central and northern NJ and virtually elsewhere and are appropriate starting in Grade 5 through college. There is a fee for our workshops except when covered by one of our grants. Reach out to discuss how we might accommodate your group!

We are living in a time of great opportunity to change our own futures. No longer will we be told we should not talk about periods in certain places. Menstruation is a sign of a healthy body, and without knowledge about how our systems work, we cannot safely care for ourselves or others.

Elise Joy

GHGP Co-Founder/Executive Director

Menstrual Cup Workshop

Disposable period products aren’t right for everyone, but using a menstrual cup takes a bit of practice. In our Menstrual Cup Workshops, participants learn about the environmental, health, and financial benefits of switching to a cup.

→ Did you know: A menstrual cup can cost as little as $20, and some can be reused for ten years?


– Learn how to insert, remove, and sterilize their menstrual cup

-Get a menstrual cup as part of the program

-Receive 90 days of support in adopting the practice of using a cup through our text-based interactions.

Shark Week. 


Aunt Flow. 


Code Red. 



There are some pretty silly names out there for what we like to simply call a period. We think that has a little to do with the fact that so many people are embarrassed to talk about these very natural things.

We think it’s best to call a period a PERIOD. Period.

If we are comfortable with that, others will be, too… eventually.

Help Us Put An End to Period Poverty!

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