GHGP workshops


Our Workshops offer a relaxed, accepting environment where everyone can confidently ask questions and talk freely about periods.

Let us get your group talking in one of our in-person or virtual workshops. We know there is one that’s just right (and, if not, we’re happy to create it)!


Shark Week. 


Aunt Flow. 


Code Red. 



There are some pretty silly names out there for what we like to simply call a period. We think that has a little to do with the fact that so many people are embarrassed to talk about these very natural things.

We think it’s best to call a period a PERIOD. Period.

If we are comfortable with that, others will be, too… eventually.


We focus on the practical aspects of getting a period and how to manage it.  


→Play trivia games to learn facts and tips that make getting periods and buying products less stressful

→Create “emergency kits” for themselves that help build confidence

→Walk away with increased self-esteem, which is known to suffer during puberty

*All are welcome, regardless of gender identity

*Our workshops are appropriate for classes, clubs, and teams and can be tailored to meet your needs


Many young people lack the basic knowledge they need to manage this normal physical process.

→Real talk, among peers, about lived experiences in a forum that respects individuals’ backgrounds

→Trivia, because big kids love trivia, too! Games are fun and informative and open up a great discussion

→A sample of products that enables each individual to determine what is best for them

→Practical steps to help teens advocate for free products in school and their communities

*All are welcome, regardless of gender identity

*Our workshops are appropriate for classes, clubs, and teams and can be tailored to meet your needs


An opportunity for your team to support community service projects, become better allies, talk openly about period poverty, and make plans for creating an inclusive workspace

Workshops for businesses and civic groups can run from formal presentations to casual lunch-and-learns and include practical advice employees can use in their own families

→Offer organization fun facts about how and why our non-profit got started and how we’ve helped spotlight “period poverty” in every US community, practical advice for engaging teams in meaningful community service, and ideas for creating in-house campaigns that inspire employees to give back

→We are thrilled to collaborate on ways to make workplaces more accepting (hint: adding free period products to the bathrooms is a start)

→Quick and easy fundraisers to benefit the local community can be combined with any event

*All are welcome, regardless of gender identity

*Our workshops are appropriate for large or small groups, and can be tailored to meet your needs

“It was truly our pleasure to have you here! Thank you for taking the time to visit and educate us.

We collected $200 in cash which I’ve just submitted through our matching funds program.”

-Corporate "Lunch and Learn" Organizer

“DO IT! This is a much needed service for our maturing young women…. GHGP does a great job of normalizing periods and period products, while teaching practical tips and tricks to help young people understand the many period product options out there.

I promise your girls will thank you for it!”

-School Program Director, Plainfield, NJ

“The best thing for me was that I got to see different kinds of pads and even a tampon.

I learned that the boxes have colors and yellow is a good color for me.

I didn’t know that before.”

-4th Grade Student

Help Us Put An End to Period Poverty!

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