If you are here, you have probably heard that beginning in the Fall of 2024, New Jersey schools must provide period products (tampons and pads) for free to students in 6th-12th grade. 

    • The schools must provide these products in at least half of all girls’ bathrooms and at least one gender-neutral bathroom (if applicable).
    • The program will be administered by the NJ Dept. of Education. 
    • The state will bear the costs of the program.

Specific guidance on the law’s implementation is in the works, but in the meantime, here are the things we advise administrators to consider and address:

  1. If you are given the option, what products will you source?
  2. How will you address potential vandalism?
  3. Who will educate students on using these medical devices now available to them in restrooms?

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Girls Helping Girls. Period. has been providing education to students across New Jersey for nearly a decade, and we consult with business/community leaders on how to make their workplaces and schools more accessible to those who menstruate.  

Specifically addressing the NJ law, we can offer your school/school district support to:

    • Build comprehensive communications plans to inform students, families, and staff about the law and what to expect.
    • Create an equitable implementation plan that includes all stakeholders.
    • Address concerns about property damage, safe disposal of products, and issues of facilities management.
    • Support student advocacy tied to issues of menstrual equity.

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