Collect & Donate Products

Across the country, more and more people are doing great work to help reduce period poverty and educate others about the need for menstrual supplies to support people just trying to go to school, work, and live a fulfilling life. 

THANK YOU for helping in this critical mission.

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How Do You Want to Help?

Donate In Your Community

We believe the best solution is a local solution. No matter where you are located in the country, there is a need. If you would like to do a small project or donate products you have already collected we encourage you to find/reach out to a local partner. Here are great places to contact:

→ food pantries

→ community outreach groups (your local government or community Facebook page may have suggestions)

→ family/women’s shelter

→ non-profit that focuses on women and children

→ local library where young people may gather

∗ If you donate to a school, we encourage you to request the products be placed directly in restrooms where students need them or packaged in kits for students to take home as needed.

Donate Items to our NJ HQ

First, we encourage you to find a recipient in your local community. You did all of that great work, why not help your neighbors?! 

If you are located near our Northern New Jersey HQ and prefer to donate products for us to distribute, email us to schedule a drop-off. 

∗ Please note that we are so grateful for your work, but we can only take donations that are factory sealed, and we cannot accept fewer than 500 individual items. (So, a total of 500 pads and tampons, not packages.) Our limited staff is simply not able to process a smaller volume of donations.

∗ We do not recommend shipping products to us, as the costs are considerable and there is a need where you are.

If you choose to incur the cost, please feel free to ship directly to: Girls Helping Girls. Period. 

PO Box 222 South Orange, NJ 07079

Apply to Host a Fundraiser/Event                  to Benefit Girls Helping Girls. Period. 

Girls Helping Girls. Period. was born out of the founding family’s rules for community service work:

Whether you are one person or a whole team…

Have a small idea or a GIANT one…

Are super creative or need a little inspiration…

there is no limit to what you can do, and how you can help. Simply educating those who might not be aware of period poverty and its effects is a huge start.

Help Us Put An End to Period Poverty!