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We believe the best solution is a local solution. No matter where you are located in the country, there is a need. 

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Ending the stigma and shame surrounding periods is one of the most important steps in making lasting change and achieving equity. 

How Donations

Are Used

Support from individuals and corporations is what allows Girls Helping Girls. Period. to make meaningful contributions to the community in the form of product donations, education and advocacy.

How our donations are used

We're a Little Different Than The Others

  • We are proud to be one of many voices calling attention to period poverty, and we know there are so many organizations worthy of support. We do things a little differently at Girls Helping Girls. Period. because we have seen the relief on the faces of clients when we offer them substantial donations, often several months, or even a year's worth of products.

  • Menstrual kits are great, and work for the clients who can receive our products frequently from our partners, but knowing you have enough tampons to get to school next month, or to work in two months... well, it takes one, huge burden off someone's plate when they just don't have to worry about how to manage their period in the future. We work with each partner organization to make sure their clients have sustained support. And we can't do that without you.

  • Your contributions to Girls Helping Girls. Period. often are used to buy menstrual supplies (pads, tampons, menstrual cups, etc.) but also... we buy space. The storage space we need to hold large quantities of products is what allows us to then have what our partners need.


    YOU may know about period poverty now, but did you always? We admit, we did not. Now our work is focused on combatting period poverty which is not only the lack of access to menstrual products, but also period education. Our workshops focus on period management, building self-esteem, and making participants aware of affordable, healthy, and environmentally-friendly alternatives to disposable products. 


How Are Donations Used?

Our donations go toward:

- Workshops (generally for students ranging from 4th grade through college) that address period management, building self-esteem, sustainability/safety in menstrual health products, and student advocacy.

- We serve more than 100 organizations/partners because we have something your donations support that is so valuable. Space. We are able to store bulky menstrual products so that our partners can get what they need when they need it. Without this critical service, those partners would likely either not be able to offer period products or would have to put together small kits.

What Helps More, Product Donations or Monetary Donations?

There is a great need all across the country for product donations. If you would like to donate to your community, we know it will help. Monetary donations are also wonderful as they help support our programming, including providing period products to more than 100 agencies. Give in whatever way is meaningful to you!

What Products Are Needed?

Ultrathin pads, of all absorbencies, are always a safe bet. If you are in doubt about what is needed in your community, it's always best to first identify a recipient organization that can guide your work.

How Can I Get Involved in My Own Community?

Click on our QUICK START GUIDE FOR COLLECTING/DISTRIBUTING PERIOD PRODUCTS. You will find tips and tricks for collecting, donating, and educating others about your awesome efforts.

Where Does My Monetary Donation Go?

We buy menstrual products (though many are donated, of course.) We are able to support more than 100 organizations/partners because of the resources you provide that allow us to purchase/receive products and store them, which means we almost always have on hand the ample amounts of items each agency needs for their clients.

Donations are also used in our education efforts which include workshops for groups, schools, and workplaces. And we could not advocate for real, systemic change, like ensuring that all students have pads and tampons available where they are needed (in school bathrooms!) without your assistance. Thank you.

If I Donate Less, But Make It Monthly, Is That Better?

All donations are wonderful. But knowing you are in this for a sustained period of time helps us plan for the future. Monthly donations are a great way to do that.


Girls Helping Girls. Period. is a 501(c)3. Your contribution to GHGP is fully tax-deductible. Our Tax ID number is 81-3778217.

"It had never occurred to me that girls were actually missing school and work because they couldn’t afford these necessary supplies. Emma and Quinn’s story inspired me to donate to their cause. After they received my first donation I received a very personal thank you email from them. I was stunned. Well, I had to keep giving, so for the last six years, I send my support to them monthly.

It’s been wonderful to see the organization grow while watching the girls turn into young women. Monthly donations help the girls plan their budget, guarantee support to their clients and be sustainable for the future."

Annette Warder, Donor Since 2016

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