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Your donations to Girls Helping Girls. Period. help support all of our programming. Thank you!

We have all the resources you need to learn about Period Poverty, educate others, and make change.

There is a need in every community. Find out how we can support the work you do in yours.

Want to become a GHGP Partner?

In addition to product donations, many of our corporate partners make financial contributions to GHGP to help our overall efforts. These donations allow us to expand our services, provide for those in need, and aid our advocacy efforts as we lobby for menstrual equity.

Share Your Story

Young people everywhere are leading the way in being outspoken about PERIOD POSITIVITY. The more we talk about periods, the more we normalize them. And PERIODS ARE NORMAL! Sharing your period story is an important way to contribute to the fight for menstrual equity because we can’t get others to listen if we don’t open up.

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