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Eliminate         Period Poverty

People in communities across the United States are missing school and work simply because they can’t afford basic necessities to manage their periods.

Pads, tampons, and menstrual cups are not covered by benefit programs (like SNAP), and some families are forced to cut back on these critical health maintenance items or prioritize other, equally critical purchases.

At Girls Helping Girls. Period., we believe menstrual health leads to overall health. And human dignity.

We’re dedicated to educating people about the need, collecting/distributing products, and advocating for systemic change.

We supply products to food pantries, social services agencies, and community groups, and we offer workshops and consulting on sustainable, affordable menstrual management solutions to individuals, schools, and companies.

It’s time to wipe out period poverty. What will you do to help?


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Just learning about Period Poverty? Looking for info for your local project? Would your students benefit from a workshop? We’ve got you covered!


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