Become a GHGP Ambassador

Are you an individual or group looking to make a difference? A school club wanting to make an impact in your community? A business that wants to provide meaningful community service opportunities for your team?

GHGP Ambassadors

Our GHGP Ambassadors represent our organization nationwide, spreading our message on social media, fundraising, hosting events, collecting and donating menstrual products, and liaising with local school districts. We are happy to brainstorm with you on projects. 

When you are ready, tell us about yourself, your organization, and what you hope to accomplish.  Don’t worry too much about having all the details… we work with ambassadors all the time to create events that are just right.

What Will You Do as a GHGP Ambassador:

  1. Spread Our Message: Post original content on your social channels that inform people about period poverty (we will have a library of posts for you to use, in addition to anything you’d like to post on your own) and Share GHGP’s posts on social media.
  2. Join our fundraising team!  We fundraise at the end of the year, and in the spring, and are so grateful for your help in leveraging your network to spread the word about the need to fight period poverty. 
  3. Host events in your community. These events can collect period products to be donated and/or raise funds. 
  4. Connect our staff/board with anyone who would benefit from learning more about our programs (workshops, consulting, advocacy, etc.). We always appreciate your help sharing solutions to period poverty and stigma.


If all of this is of interest to you, click below.

GHGP Events

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