My college boyfriend and I would often spend weekends together with his family at their house. We would always have a big lunch together with his parents and siblings on Saturday afternoons.

One weekend I had my period, and when I woke up Saturday morning, I wrapped toilet paper around the (huge) maxi pad that I had slept in and threw it in the bathroom garbage. Did I mention that his family had a large dog?

There we were eating lunch, and I saw the dog run under the table with something in his mouth. He was growling and tearing something apart. I looked under the table, and there he was with my (very used) pad in his mouth. There was torn toilet paper all over the floor. I jumped off my chair and dove under the table, and started gathering up all of the torn pieces. He began tearing up the pad, so I quickly grabbed that, too and ran to the bathroom, and flushed it all down the toilet. I was so mortified! Luckily, I didn’t stuff up the toilet. Everyone gave me a strange look when I got back to the table, but thankfully, no one asked me what had happened, which, I still think, is strange. I told my girlfriends the story, and we still laugh about it over 30 years later.

p.s. Period Stories. Everyone has a story to tell. All stories are welcome, whether or not you get or will get a period. If you’d like to share a story, click here.

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