When I was 16, I slept at my boyfriend’s house for the weekend. I was quite surprised to wake up Saturday morning to the realization that I had gotten my period and stained all of their good guest room sheets! I wracked my brain about how I could possibly launder them at their house without drawing any attention and/or questions. However, my boyfriend’s parents were around as were his many siblings, so washing the sheets undetected was not a possibility.

With no other choice, I recruited my boyfriend to help me strip the linens and replace them with a spare set. I took all of their sheets home to my own house the next day, washed them, and gave them back to him at school so that he could sneak them back into the linen closet. I don’t believe we were ever found out, at least I was never confronted, and/or my boyfriend never told me if his parents said anything to him- and after a few days, I stopped asking him!!

p.s. Period Stories. Everyone has a story to tell. All stories are welcome, whether or not you get or will get a period. If you’d like to share a story, click here.

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