Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Board Member, Emerita

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf is a leading voice for equitable menstrual policy in America. Newsweek called her the “architect of the U.S. policy campaign to squash the tampon tax.”

Jen is a lawyer with expertise in nonprofit leadership and development. For the past decade+ she has served as vice president of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law. She’s currently the organization’s women and democracy fellow.

An avid writer and storyteller and believer in the power of feminist journalism, Jen proudly joined the leadership of Ms. Magazine in January 2022 as executive director for partnerships and strategy. She also joined the Board of The Feminist Press in 2022.

Jen is the author of Periods Gone Public (Oct. 2017), which shares the story of the modern political movement for menstrual equity and puts forth a powerful, proactive policy agenda. Said Gloria Steinem: “This book may be the beginning of liberation for us all.”

Jen’s “menstrual equity” journey began one morning, in a Starbucks coffee shop when she and GHGP co-founder Elise met to discuss a project Elise’s family was working on. The rest is history, for sure.