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How To Use

a Tampon with an Applicator

Find a comfortable position, where you can relax. Tense muscles make inserting a tampon more difficult. Some find it comfortable to put one foot up on the toilet seat while standing. Or you can sit on the seat, a bit to the back. 

Remove the tampon from the wrapper, which you should keep to put the used applicator in.

Using the hand you write with, put your thumb and middle finger around the part of the applicator where the larger and smaller part meet, while your pointer finger goes over the end, holding the string in place.

Use your other hand to help open the folds of skin that cover your vagina.

Slowly insert the rounded, thicker end of the applicator into your vagina, aiming toward your lower back. Push the applicator in until your hand touches your skin.

Push the plunger with your pointer finger until it will not go any farther; the fully inserted tampon will expand as needed.

Lift your pointer finger off the plunger, releasing the string, and pull the applicator out of your vagina, leaving behind the tampon. The string will hang outside your body. 

Simply pull the string to remove the tampon. Do not drop the soiled tampon into the toilet; put it in a wrapper or toilet paper and dispose of it in the trash.

Wash hands well with warm water and soap.

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