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How To

Change a Menstrual Pad

Bring a fresh pad into the bathroom.

Wash your hands.

Lower your underpants and sit on the toilet.

Peel the used pad away from the underwear and roll it up to contain fluids.

Wrap the used pad in toilet paper or the outer packaging of the new pad. 

Remove the paper covering the adhesive from the back of the new pad.

Press the new pad into the underwear. If the pad has “wings,” peel adhesive from them and wrap them around the sides of the crotch of the underwear for more security.

Dispose of well-wrapped, used pads in the garbage. 

Never toss unwrapped pads, even if they are not very soiled. Be sure no pets can get into the garbage.

Wash hands well with warm water and soap.

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Menstrual Cups- Please refer to the manufacturers insert for safety and usage instructions. 

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