Emma Joy

Emma Joy

Co-Founder, Board of Trustees

Emma is a graduate of American University with a B.S. in Environmental Science. She is passionate about working to help others rethink how precious resources are distributed and used so as to limit waste and ensure more people have access to basic necessities.

It was Emma’s “1000 Can Challenge,” developed for a local food pantry, that led to her whole family joining in for the next project dedicated to period products.

Fun Facts: Emma is obsessed with yummy, healthy food and appreciates recs for the Washington, DC area where she lives.

Her photographic memory is startling; she remembers small details from her early childhood and is a whiz at memorizing lyrics and lines for shows she’s performed in.

She spent a year in a body brace when she was 15 due to scoliosis, but thanks to her diligence and healthy lifestyle, she is in great shape today.