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Girls Helping

Girls. Period.

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event/fundraiser to benefit Girls Helping Girls. Period. (GHGP) We are grateful for the time and attention it takes to host an event meant to benefit those struggling to afford menstrual supplies. Our mission is to not only donate products to those in need, but to educate about the devastating effects of period poverty that limit people’s ability to successfully stay in school and at work. Your efforts are a continuation of that mission. 

The guidelines below are provided to assist you and to help us ensure your project is aligned with the mission and goals of our organization. By applying to host an event, you acknowledge and agree to comply with the below guidelines. 

If you have questions that are not addressed in these materials, please reach out to us at

hosting guidelines
Planning Hosting Fundraiser

Planning / Hosting

  • All fundraising events to benefit Girls Helping Girls. Period. must be approved in advance. 
  • The hosting person/organization (“Host”) is solely responsible for the planning and execution of the event, including all permitting, insurance and certificates required by local or state entities. 
  • GHGP will not provide funding or material support for the event beyond limited use of the GHGP logo and name. 
  • Any event hosted on behalf of GHGP will be solely for the benefit of GHGP.  Host will not collect donations or items for any other purpose during the event.
  • Host is responsible for complying with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations, including those applicable to charitable events.
  • Host must state the terms of the donation GHGP can expect from the event (e.g., 50 percent of profits; one time donation of $1,000; all proceeds; menstrual supplies). Host understands that it may only collect money or menstrual supplies.
  • Donations cannot be made to GHGP in exchange for goods/services or attendance at an event.
  • Donated menstrual supplies will be provided by Host to a local donation site approved by GHGP. Host will make every effort to donate physical products in the local community but can, at the Host’s expense, ship products to GHGP.
  • If supplies are collected during the event, GHGP will not take possession or inspect the supplies prior to donation. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the products are in good condition (i.e., unopened, unexpired) before bringing them to a donation site.
  • GHGP reserves the right to decline support from anyone for any reason, including if GHGP believes the person does not align with the GHGP values or if the person does not fully comply with the guidelines.
  • GHGP assumes no legal or financial liability associated with the events and you agree to indemnify us for any liability arising from an event you host.

Publicity / Communication

  • All publicity and communication must clearly state the event is hosted by you and GHGP is the beneficiary of the proceeds/collection. 
  • Please do not use “Girls Helping Girls. Period.” in the title of your event. Instead use “Title of Event” to benefit Girls Helping Girls. Period.
  • Hosts may not use the copyrighted logo or any photos obtained on GHGP’s website, social media or emails. Any use of the GHGP logo or name, including in promotion materials and publicity for the event, must be pre-approved by GHGP. Requests must be in writing, and files with the GHGP materials will be sent once the use is approved. You may not use the GHGP materials for any use other than the specific approved use. 
  • Host will be liable for any use of the GHGP intellectual property outside of the scope of this agreement.

Publicity Communication


  • GHGP will not advance any funds or incur any expenses for your event.
  • The non-profit status of our organization may not be used by the Host, or anyone else, for any purpose.
  • No portion of the proceeds may be retained by the Host or anyone else. The only beneficiaries of the proceeds must be GHGP and any other previously identified and approved organization.
  • When your event has concluded, you will coordinate with us to get funds delivered to us. Checks can be made out to Girls Helping Girls. Period. and sent to Girls Helping Girls. Period. PO Box 222, South Orange, NJ 07079.  For events where products were collected, please email/call the suggested donation sites to arrange the method and timing of transfer of products to a donation site. 
  • Proceeds must be distributed to GHGP within 60 days of the event. Any products collected must be donated to the donation site within 60 days of the event. 

  • You will provide a complete and accurate accounting of the funds collected during the event.
  • GHGP will not provide tax receipts for donations made for the event/campaign. Donors wanting a tax receipt must make their contributions fully and directly to GHGP so we can properly account for it to the IRS. Accounting cannot be done for products collected.

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