Annabelle Jin

Annabelle Jin

Board Member

Annabelle is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studies the intersection of health and society on a premed track. She is a member of Period’s Youth Advisory Council, founded her local chapter of Period, Period at Moorestown, in 2018, and is an administrator of the Equality, Period NJ coalition to pass period policy legislation. She organized NJ’s National Period Day Rally in Oct 2019 and has since been a panelist for the Period Action Day Youth Menstrual Equity Roundtable, moderated NOW NJ’s “Free the Flow, End the Stigma” Panel, and had her video about menstrual equity featured in the United Nations Day of the Girl Conference 2020. 

Annabelle’s creative interests range from drawing and loom knitting to flower photography and baking Asian bakery goods. (She wrote her college essays on steamed buns!) She loves animals and books and has bought way more used books than she will ever be able to read.

Fun facts about Annabelle: She can spot spelling and grammar mistakes in virtually anything she reads and is her mom’s personal Grammarly assistant. Also, she is a diehard Swiftie and loves listening (and singing along) to sad music. Weirdly enough, it never actually affects her mood… or so she says. 

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